We provide information and training that enables individuals to increase their self-awareness and make effective and responsible choices that enhance their relationships with themselves and others, improve their quality of life, and increase their happiness. The Internal Empowerment Program is the evidence-based practical application of Reality Therapy and Choice Theory® developed by the renowned psychiatrist, William Glasser.

Individuals who take the training learn why and how they behave as they do; discover themselves; find happiness; and enhance their relationships, behavior, choices, and self-trust. Companies, whose employees take the training, experience improved employer-employee relations, improved teamwork, increased employee productivity and morale, and an overall positive work environment. Employees increase their self-awareness and emotional intelligence, which enhances their leadership abilities and advancement potential.

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Dr. William Glasser's Legacy Preserved

Over fifty years ago, a dream was born. It was a vision created from the experience of one forward-thinking man; a man who cared deeply about all humanity and the human condition.

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How Can Internal Empowerment Enable Communicating Effectively?

In theory, communication should be easy. Communication at its most basic is about sending and receiving words. But, communicating effectively is so much more than words. It is also feelings, innuendo, ...

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IECAST Launches New Internal Empowerment Web Site

Laguna Hills, CA, October 30, 2017

IECAST CEO, Les Triché, announced the launch, today, of a new Internal Empowerment web site dedicated to delivering ...

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We teach individuals how to maximize the power that rests inside them to become the person they want to be, achieve the life that they desire, increase their happiness. We encourage participants to “pay it forward” so that they help family members, friends, and others with whom they come in contact to become internally empowered. Dedicated to continuing Dr. William Glasser’s legacy, we perpetuate productive and mindful individuals, families, and organizations by developing diverse, internally empowered coaches and leaders.

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Success Stories

  • "I never knew this would be a life changer for me ... A process took place, learning began, a community formed, and a cycle was broken. We began class to change our behavioral patterns. We started to take charge of our lives again! ...Today, I am an effective and responsible person. I make good, positive choices. I use all tools and skills that I learned from IEC."

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Internal Empowerment?
Internal Empowerment (big I, big E) is the name of the training program, which is the evidence-based practical application of Reality Therapy and Choice Theory® developed by the renowned psychiatrist, William Glasser. The Internal Empowerment Program teaches individuals how to maximize their internal empowerment (little i, little e), which is the power that rests within individuals to achieve the life that they desire.
2What is the purpose of Internal Empowerment.com?
The purpose of this website is to provide information and training to help individuals learn why and how they and others behave and how to reorganize their lives to enhance their happiness and improve their relationship with themselves and others. Our vision is to perpetuate productive and mindful individuals, families, and organizations by developing diverse, internally empowered coaches and leaders.
3Is Internal Empowerment.com affiliated with any religious organization?
Internal Empowerment is founded on the principles and practices of Dr. William Glasser’s Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. It is not affiliated with any religious organization or faith. Internal empowerment focuses on the power inside an individual to direct their own choices and behaviors absent the influence or control of external figures or groups (external control). Individuals are consciously aware of their power and actions, with the purpose of reorganizing their behavior to effectively and responsibly fulfill their needs and wants.
4What are the benefits of internal empowerment?
Internal empowerment enables individuals to have the confidence and self-trust that they can achieve the life they desire. Through the Internal Empowerment Program, individuals:
  • Learn why and how they behave as they do
  • Discover themselves
  • Find happiness
  • Enhance their relationships, behavior, choices, and self-trust
Benefits experienced by corporations include:
  • Improved employer-employee relations
  • Improved teamwork
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Increased employee morale
  • An overall positive work environment
5Who is Internal Empowerment for?
The Internal Empowerment Program has been effective with managers, employees, families and troubled teens, students, athletes, military veterans, mental health patients, incarcerated individuals, and others from all walks of life. The program has been effective across all ethnic and racial groups and is appropriate for all ages from elementary to university students to adulthood. Internal Empowerment is effective with people from all work environments and social groups from corporate boardrooms to gang infested areas. It has been successfully used by persons experiencing challenges with bullying, social interaction issues, anger, anxiety, depression, grief, and eating disorders. It has been used successfully with people with marriage and family issues. It has been used for workplace guidance and career counseling. It has also been used in rehabilitation, mental health, substance abuse, and educational environments; non-profit organizations; and ministries.
6How is this different from a self-help group like Alcoholics Anonymous?
Self-help groups consist of members who share a common problem, often a common disease or addiction. They provide emotional and social support. Internal Empowerment provides training to develop skills to help individuals awaken and maximize their own internal power to achieve the life they desire. Internal Empowerment training can assist people who participate in self-help groups to gain self-awareness; examine past choices, attitudes, and behaviors; and develop concrete plans and methods to make changes to achieve the effective and responsible life they want.
7Do I have to spend money before I can get something of value?
InternalEmpowerment.com provides free informative articles and a free introduction to the concepts and activities employed in the Internal Empowerment Program. Sign up to receive the free downloadable Secrets to Internal Empowerment to begin learning today.

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