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3 ½ Steps to Take on the Way to Happiness

Is there a way to happiness? Is there a journey you can take that will help you find the elusive state of happiness? Or is happiness out of your control? Many people believe happiness is something innate—you either have it from birth and are known as a happy person, or you have never really been happy and you never will be happy. This is not true. There is a way to happiness that everyone can join, and it begins with some easy steps.

The Way to Happiness Step #1: Talk to Yourself

It turns out the way to happiness is full of people talking to themselves! Actually, the important thing is what everyone is saying to themselves. Their inner dialogue is positive and true. In contrast, unhappy people have mainly negative thoughts. They worry about things that might happen; they imagine failure, and they often review negative memories.

Choose to think positive thoughts. Often the best place to start is with the phrase ‘I love myself. Even if it does not feel true yet, it is an important belief that will give you an excellent start towards happiness. When you find yourself thinking about unhappy things, you have the power to stop those thoughts and begin different thoughts that are helpful.

The Way to Happiness Step #2: Stop Trying to Make Other People Happy

The next step on the way to happiness is to stop trying to make other people happy. This does not mean you stop caring about others. It does mean that you stop trying to be responsible for whether they are happy or not. Sincere, lasting happiness is a personal thing. It does not come from what is around you, it comes from what is within you. No matter how hard you try, or how much you care, you cannot be the source of someone else’s happiness.

Continue to be kind, caring, and supportive to those around you, but stop trying to make others happy. As you do this, you will feel lighter and happier. Releasing yourself from the burden of making others happy is an important step on the way to happiness.

The Way to Happiness Step #3: Find Your Fun

It may seem common sense that fun and happiness to go together. But people can miss the way to happiness when they forget to have fun. Fun comes in all sorts of ways. It can be a good time out with friends, but it can also be learning something new, going somewhere different than your usual destination, and even meeting new people. Open your eyes to the possibility of having fun and take the opportunities when you see them.

The Way to Happiness Step # ½: Take Back Your Choices

Each person has an incredible amount of control over their lives that they may not be using. The way to happiness involves taking back your choices so you can enjoy control over your life. You can choose your thoughts, your words, and your actions every day. As you do this, your feelings will begin to change too.

Are you ready to take back your choices, have fun, and find happiness? Our Internal Empowerment training helps people just like you create the life they want. We are looking forward to connecting with you!

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