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From childhood fairytales to teenage dreams and real-life dating, everyone wants to be in a healthy relationship. But when the early relationship flutters have passed, and you have begun to settle into each other, how do you know when you have got a good thing going? While signs of a healthy relationship will look a bit different for each couple, here are some things they all share.

Healthy Relationship Sign #1: You Express Your Love For Each Other

So maybe your rough and tough partner isn’t the type to spout poetry and draw hearts on steamed up windows. But he always makes sure there’s a pot of coffee ready for you in the morning, and he drives you through the blinding snow to visit your mom when she’s sick. Expressing love is as unique as each person is, but signs of a healthy relationship include both of you making sure the other hears your message of love.

Healthy Relationship Sign #2: A Bit of Separation

In a healthy relationship, you each respect the need to connect with friends and family as individuals, as well as a couple. A couple in a healthy relationship does not need to be together all the time. Each person may enjoy some different hobbies or activities on their own without it feeling threatening. You are also likely to have a few friends that are not mutual, and that’s OK.

Healthy Relationship Sign #3: A Little Challenging

Another sign of a healthy relationship brings out the best in each person and makes each person want to be their best. Each partner takes the opportunity to support and encourage the other to try new things and get better at old things.

There can be a fine line between encouraging greatness and pointing out flaws. In a healthy relationship, each partner wants the best for the other and looks for ways to be supportive without causing hurt. And sometimes those goals are mutual, like growing a business, getting in better shape, or home improvements.

Healthy Relationship Sign #4: You Share Your Dreams

It is important to have a partner you trust enough to share your dreams with. Another sign of a healthy relationship, allows both people to know they can tell each other their deepest desires and dreams without fearing criticism or judgment. This is often something that happens over time as each of you learns to open up and share more of yourselves with each other.

Healthy Relationship Sign #5: Having Fun

Fun is something we all need a bit of in our lives (and maybe a lot more than we have now!) Healthy relationships happen when people have fun together. Maybe it is learning something new together, or watching the latest comedy, or starting a food fight. Whatever you find that is fun, do it together.

Healthy Relationship Sign # ½: It Is Good to Disagree

Whenever you put two humans together, there are bound to be differences. And when those two people are in a close relationship, there are going to be disagreements. In a healthy relationship, it is OK to disagree with each other. Each person speaks up when something concerns them and listens when their partner speaks up. It is part of life together.

Would you like to learn more about how to recognize signs of a healthy relationships? Our Internal Empowerment training teaches you how to express your love for another while maintaining a bit of separation.  Although creating a healthy relationship can be challenging, you will get to a point you can share your dreams, have fun, and learn how to disagree in a positive way.  Let Internal Empowerment show you how to take control of your life, choose what you want, and achieve your goals. We are looking forward to connecting with you!

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