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January 15, 2018
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Does it feel like your emotions are running (or ruining) your life? Are you tired of feeling depressed? Are your friends and family noticing that you are moody or unpredictable? Would you rather feel happy than the feelings you are experiencing right now? Emotional awareness helps with all these challenges, and it is something that everyone can learn.

When you have emotional awareness, you have clarity and understanding about your emotions and the emotions of others. This means you can identify what you are feeling, why you are feeling it, and any feelings you want instead. You can also accurately identify other people’s emotions, and help them feel better. Emotional awareness is an important part of emotional intelligence (*link to article) and it makes life better.

1. Emotional Awareness Helps You Know When You Are Happy

That may sound a bit silly at first. You know when you are happy, right? Maybe not. Maybe happiness is so fleeting you do not notice the happy moments in your day. Emotional awareness is about knowing when you feel happy and knowing what made you happy in that moment. The more you understand about feeling happy the more you can create situations where you feel happy. You have a great deal of choice over your emotions as you become aware of them

2. Emotional Awareness Helps You Know When You Are Not Happy

In the same way that you can increase your happiness by knowing when you are happy, you can decrease negative emotions by paying attention to when you are feeling them and what made you feel them. To feel better you need to know what you are feeling and what you want to feel instead. Take time throughout your day to think about how you are feeling and what made you feel this way. Writing these down will help you identify the times when you are not feeling good and why. This will help you see choices you can make to decrease the negative emotions you feel.

3. Emotional Awareness Helps You Anticipate Your Feelings

As you pay attention to your feelings and what causes them, you gain the ability to predict how you will feel in different circumstances. This helps you plan for ways to keep feeling good and identify situations when you will need strategies for managing your feelings. You will tune in to what you need, and what helps you.

4.  Emotional Awareness Leads to Better Choices

Instead of trying to hide negative feelings with things like drugs, alcohol, or antisocial behaviors, emotional awareness helps you identify negative feelings and their causes. When you know where negative emotions are coming from, you can make choices to experience less of those feelings and create an environment that encourages good feelings. With practice and increased awareness, you learn to work through negative emotions quicker and create healthy situations that bring good feelings. Better choices lead to happiness and personal fulfillment.

5. Emotional Awareness Makes You a Better Friend

When you realize your own feelings, you also become more aware of the feelings of the people around you, and why they feel that way. Being aware of these feelings makes you a more compassionate and sensitive friend. This emotional awareness also helps you to understand what will help your friends feel better. You are now in a situation to offer support and help when others need it. Better, stronger friendships can come from this new emotional awareness.

1/2. Emotional Awareness Improves Your Health

Paying attention to what impacts your emotions can also change how you feel physically. Your emotional awareness helps you identify physical sensations like a racing heart or a tight feeling in your chest. Since you are learning to identify what causes feelings, you also learn what causes these physiological expressions, and learn to manage your responses so you will be healthier.

You also benefit when you acknowledge your feelings instead of trying to ignore them. Studies have shown that repressing emotions is damaging to your physical health. Instead, strengthen your emotional awareness and you will improve your physical and mental well-being.

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