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March 15, 2018
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March 22, 2018

When you work in a place with clear and tangible career advancement opportunities you are more likely to be motivated and engaged. But what do you do when there are no career advancement opportunities in your workplace? If this is your situation, you are not alone. Nearly 60% of companies in America do not have clear career advancement opportunities available to their employees. If this is the case, it is up to you to create opportunities so you can grow and advance your position.

Know What Career Advancement Opportunities You Want

Be clear about what type of career advancement opportunities you want. Is it a top position in the organization? Gaining experience in various fields? Being part of a research breakthrough? Before you advance, know where you want to go.

Communicate Career Advancement Opportunities You Want

When the timing is right, talk to the right people (the ones with power and position to promote you and provide opportunities) about career advancement opportunities. Ask to be on specific projects that advance your goals and ask for introductions to influential people. Whenever you have a new opportunity, give it 100%.

Get Involved In Your Career Advancement Opportunities

Ask to work on challenging projects and look for opportunities to help others. When you see an area that interests you, do what you can to participate. If you know you require additional training, ask for it. Pay attention to internal job postings and apply for those you qualify for that fit within your career advancement goals

Know Who Can Help With Career Advancement Opportunities 

Get to know the people you work with. Make sure you know their names, their positions, and the things they are good at. Learn how to be a better communicator. If you struggle socially, take a course in social skills, or find training that will help.

Create relationships with more than just people in your own department/team. Look for opportunities to get to know people in the same field from other organizations as well. When it is appropriate, ask for feedback and advice.

Keep Learning to Increase Your Career Advancement Opportunities

You may know what you want, communicate to your boss your goals, be involved in great projects, and have meaningful connections with a variety of people within your workplace and field of expertise. But you still need to keep developing your skills and knowledge as you pursue career advancement opportunities.

Take advantage of opportunities for quality learning as well as personal and professional development. Always have a growth mindset—the approach of constantly learning and growing. If you are unsure where to focus your learning, ask for advice. When you participate in training, give it your best effort. Keep track of your learning and how the skills that you are developing relate to your career advancement opportunities. When you get the chance, share this with your employer.

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