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March 18, 2018
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March 26, 2018

Good leaders are everywhere. They are the people that motivate their team towards a goal even if they are not the team leader. Leaders inspire others to try harder, do good work, and keep going when things get rough. You do not need a title to be a good leader—follow these leadership tips to improve your ability to influence others.

Leadership Tip #1: Model what Matters

For every quality you value in others, lead by example and model these qualities. From your attitude to your work ethic, and even by always being punctual you can influence others with the way you act. What you show is what you value, and those around you will appreciate your authentic approach to being a leader.

Leadership Tip #2: Learn Effective Communication

Giving and receiving information accurately is at the core of effective communication. Good leaders are always good communicators. Practice speaking clearly and listening carefully. You can learn more about how to communicate effectively here.

Leadership Tip #3: Own Your Stuff and Only Your Stuff

It is important to recognize that influencing others is different from controlling them. You are completely in control of what you think, do, and say. However, as a leader you can only give people information. You cannot force them to act or speak in any way, and it is not your responsibility to do so. Own what you do and say, but do not own what others do and say.

Leadership Tip #4: Pay Attention to People

In your capacity as a leader, the people around you are very important. Take the time and effort to get to know them. Learn their names, know what they are good at (and what they struggle with), and make a note of their accomplishments. Show by your words and actions that they are all important to you and the workplace.

Leadership Tip #5: Engage Others

Leaders need others! Ask for help and advice, and then use the resources you are offered. When someone contributes helpfully or gives valuable advice, be sure to thank them for it and tell them how it has been helpful.

Leadership Tip #6: Look Up

Get a mentor and learn from other effective leaders. This can occur in person, through virtual connections, and by reading books written by great leaders.

Leadership Tip #7: Build your EQ

Your EQ, or emotional quotient is an indication of how effective you are at understanding and managing emotions—both your emotions, and those of others. Building your EQ is an excellent way to develop your leadership skills and become happier and confident. Pay attention to emotions—what triggers and influences them, and how they impact you and your coworkers. Use this information to manage your emotions and help others. There are some good resources available about emotional quotient.

Leadership Tip #8: Keep Improving

One thing many successful leaders have in common is their constant striving for improvement. Fortunately, there are many opportunities for learning and improving as a leader. Take advantage of any opportunities that you are interested in, and keep track of what you are learning and how you are applying your learning.

Leadership Tip #9: Focus on Honesty

Whether your team is facing failures, challenges, or opportunities, be honest. People can generally tell when they are not being told the full truth, and they do not value deception. Communicating honestly establishes trust and respect, even when things are not going well.

Leadership Tip #10: Keep the Goal in Mind

When it comes to leadership, it is not about the leader’s position. It is about how the team performs and whether goals are met. Keep this in mind.

Leadership is a constant process of learning from challenges and opportunities. Take a willing approach to developing leadership skills and others around you will begin to notice.

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