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April 14, 2018
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May 1, 2018

Two Simple Life Changing Habits

We all fill our lives with habits. From what we do when we wake up to what time we go to bed and what we do to fall asleep, habits are important parts of every day. Good habits can save you time and energy, and changing even just a few habits into good ones can change your life.

Change Your Thoughts

We are so used to our thoughts running our day that it is easy to forget that we control our thoughts. Negative thoughts easily become a habit and become part of our self-identity quickly. When you change your habit of negative thinking, you change your life.

The process of changing your thoughts is simple, but it requires time and effort. First, pay attention to what you are thinking. Second, stop unhelpful thoughts and replace them with true, positive thoughts. The easiest thought to use is “I love myself”. This can be repeated all day! There may be other helpful thoughts you choose to use. The most important thing is to arrest unhelpful thoughts as soon as you notice them, and replace them with positive thoughts. As you become used to these new thoughts, your feelings, words, and actions will begin to transform.

Change Your Focus

It is common to primarily focus on the people around you. Your interactions with them, their words and actions, and the way they treat others can have a strong impact on what you think and feel. But this does not need to be the case. You can change your life by changing the habit of focusing on others.

Instead of focusing on others, focus on yourself. You are already practicing awareness of your thoughts and developing the habit of choosing helpful thoughts. Now, increase your awareness of your words and actions. It can feel like other people make you say and do things. But you can refuse to be impacted by them. You can learn to control your words and actions, and practicing this is an excellent habit. Start by thinking the phrase “I choose to” before you say or do anything. This increases your awareness of your own power, and gives you the freedom to live your life based on your choices, rather than the influence of others.

There are many, many areas where you can change your habits and change your life. These two are easy to start, require no outside influence or investment, and will help you transform every area of your life. Enjoy this chance to change your thoughts, your focus, and your life!

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