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March 5, 2018
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March 15, 2018

Strategies for Effective Employee Communication

Effective employee communication can inspire and motivate employees and connect them to each other, and to their workplace. Poor employee communication can cause confusion and diminish effectiveness. The following strategies will improve employee communication and provide overall beneficial results to any organization.

Strategy #1 – Initiate Contact for Accurate Employee Communication

With the increasingly available resources online, some companies are choosing to leave information-gathering to individual employees. Sure, they can find all sorts of information about their employer online, from press releases to company statistics and all open positions. However, this attitude that employees can source corporate information on their own removes the opportunity for clear communication and meaningful connection with the organization.

Employee communication should always be initiated from within the company. This ensures that all relevant information is immediately accessible and accurate. It also can create a sense of belonging and teamwork when employees know they are receiving communications that are not meant for the general public.

Strategy #2 – Communicate Bad News to Employees

Good employee communication also includes sharing bad news. When there are concerns and the company is facing challenges, it is important to keep employees informed. A clearly worded email will help to shut down speculation and misinformation when hard times hit. It can be a company’s best weapon in times of uncertainty.

Strategy #3 – Make Communication with Employees Easy

All employee communication should be easy to access. Complicated intranet systems, vague links, and even an obscurely located newsletter will make it difficult for employees to feel informed and connected. Good employee communication is accessible. This includes ensuring content is accessible through mobile devices, and notifications are clear and easy to, well, notice. Do not wait for your employees to visit your homepage to find important company information. Send it to them. And then have a way for employees to easily access all past communications. They will value their employer’s commitment to keeping everyone informed.

Strategy #4 – Centralize Employee Communications

Leaving employee communications to individual managers can be a recipe for disaster. Have all employee communications vetted through a central source. This creates a consistent and accurate voice for the entire company. This strategy for employee communication helps to create trust and confidence. Employees appreciate knowing that they are all receiving the same message.

Strategy #5 – Share the Communication Power with your Employees

Effective employee communication involves the giving and receiving of information. Make sure there are accessible venues for employees to give information back to management. Every form of communication to employees should include information on how employees can give feedback, ask questions, and share information. There must be a department/individual responsible for reading this information and acting on it.

As employees learn that they can trust their employer to give accurate and timely information and that their feedback is welcomed and processed, they will develop a closer connection to their workplace and those that run it. At its best, employee communication fosters trust, motivates, and improves an organization’s bottom line.

Strategy #1/2

Communication, both through professional channels and in your personal life can be a key to fulfillment and improved relationships. Our Internal Empowerment courses offer scientifically based training on communication, personal development, and achieving goals. Please contact us today for more information. We are looking forward to connecting with you!

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