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February 16, 2018
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Know These Tips for a Successful Career

Most people dream of having a successful career. Sometimes the dream gets ‘downsized’ to just trying to survive a career until they can retire. But this does not have to be the case. You can make changes in your perspective and actions that will help turn the career you are currently in to a successful career, or use it as a step on your journey to a successful career.

Successful Career Tip #1: Take Back Your Power

Regardless of what type of boss you have or who your coworkers are, you are the most powerful person in your life. You have control over everything you think, say, and do. Over time you develop habits of reacting to certain people in specific ways. These habits may be external (for example, the way you talk to someone) or internal (the thoughts you have). This does not mean these people control you, or make you do anything.

When your words, actions and thoughts are not useful you have the power to change them. You do not need to spend your career feeling powerless. Take back the power over your own life.

Successful Career Tip #2: Answer This Question Every Day

There is one question that will empower you to take action and create a successful career, but it is such a simple question it is easy to underestimate it. The question is: What will I do today?

This question requires an active response. It is not about hopes and dreams (although it can set you on a path to your hopes and dreams). It is a question that must be answered with an action. Answering this question every day with action gets you into the practice of doing things that move you forward in life.

Successful Career Tip #3: Dream Big, Start Small

Define what a successful career is for you. Dream big, and then break it down into actions you can take this month, this year, in two years…etc.

Successful Career Tip #4: Be an Impartial Evaluator

Keep your goal of a successful career in mind while you take a step back and impartially evaluate your actions. What are you doing that works, and is taking you closer to your goal? Continue to do what is working. Also look at what you are doing that doesn’t work. Stop spending time and energy on things that do not work.

Successful Career Tip #5: Value Where You Are and Use it to Your Advantage

Every successful career has to start somewhere. If the career you are in has nothing to do with what you want, use it to get you to the next place. Take advantage of training opportunities, consider in-company promotions, and make meaningful connections with people in your workplace.

Successful Career Tip #6: Make Your Thoughts Work for You

You may be a person who always thinks negatively and imagines the worst that can happen. Or maybe your thoughts have little to do with your daily life, and you use them to escape from your day. To move towards a successful career, train your brain to be positive and forward-thinking. At first it will take effort to focus your thoughts. But as you learn to think positive, helpful thoughts it will become a part of your day and your life. This reflects outward to your words and actions and creates opportunities to succeed in your career.

Learning and using these strategies benefits your professional life and your personal life. Taking back your power gives you control regardless of the situations you may be in. Use the action question to create momentum and change. Dream big, start small, and check back to see what is working for you and what is not. Use your current job to prepare you for future opportunities, and train your brain to think thoughts that are positive and useful.

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