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Good Habits That Can Change Your Life

Most people can recite a list of good habits we should all do. Things like eating healthy, getting enough sleep, exercising, drinking enough water, and wearing sunscreen. But there are some new good habits you can start that can change the course of your life.

Good Habits: Make Your Own Choices

This may sound like a no-brainer. Choices are all yours to make, right? Yes, they are. But it is common to get used to making choices based on others around you instead of based on your own needs. Often when you do this you blame those same people when things do not go well. Instead, get in the good habit of taking responsibility for every choice you make. You are not under the control of anyone else. Every thought, word, and action is yours to make. To quote a common childhood phrase, “You are the boss of you!” Go ahead and enjoy being in charge of your life.

Good Habits: Do Not Take Responsibility

You get to take responsibility for all your own choices. But when it comes to the people around you, get in the good habit of not taking responsibility for their choices. Whether it is a spouse, friend, colleague, or acquaintance, their choices are not your responsibility. If someone chooses to say or do something you do not agree with, that is their choice. You do not need to cover for them, try to change them, or worry about them. This good habit is a great way to free up your day for the things that are most important to you. When you stop trying to make up for other people’s mistakes, you have much more time and energy.

Good Habits: Leave the Past Behind

This good habit is an excellent one to practice. Many people have things in their past that have caused pain, shame, or regret. There is no way to change what has happened in the past. And since there is no way to change what has happened, there is no reason to continue to focus on the past. Instead, give your focus and energy to the things you can do today and the things you want for your future. An easy way to practice this habit is to ask yourself “What will I do today?” whenever you find yourself thinking about the past. This gives you something real and actionable that focuses on the present. Then, go take action and you will begin the very good habit of leaving the past behind.

Good Habits: Have Fun

When you are busy being an adult, it is easy to forget about having fun. But having fun is one of your basic human needs, so it is a good habit to practice. You never lose the ability to have fun, but you can get used to not having fun in your days. Look for ways to add fun into every day. Be a little playful. Learn a trick or a silly face you can pull when people least expect it. Take some time to hang out with a toddler and follow their lead. Or maybe pull up your favorite funny movies from childhood and have a mini laugh fest. Whatever you do, have some fun today.

Have these good habits caught your attention? They are all part of the Internal Empowerment training we offer. If you would like to learn more about having control of your life, leaving the past behind, and having fun, contact us. Our students enjoy life-changing, liberating opportunities to create the life they want. We cannot wait to connect with you!

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