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December 22, 2017
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Is Emotional Intelligence More Important Than IQ?

Emotional Intelligence (EI) refers to the ability to understand your own emotions and the emotions of others and use this information to improve lives. Emotional Intelligence is difficult to measure numerically. Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a number given to an individual after taking a test of their reasoning ability. As the name suggests, it is often a reference to intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence: Is it more important than IQ: College and Friendships

IQ May Get You Into College

Having a high IQ generally means better performance in school. And better academic performance can lead to more opportunities for higher education. Clearly an important advantage of IQ.

EI May Get Your Friendships

Having high EI helps you manage your feelings in healthy ways, and tune in to the feelings of others. These skills make good friends and good friendships. For those who value good friendships, EI is key.

Emotional Intelligence: Is it more important than IQ: Things and People

IQ Can Help You Figure Things Out

A strong ability to reason, think, and strategize is related to high IQ. Those who have a high IQ often excel at figuring things out, analyzing, and problem-solving.

EI Can Help You Figure People Out

Emotions are an integral part of people. Those who are high in EI have a good understanding of the feelings that other people are experiencing, and they are more likely to see the causes of those feelings, and how to resolve negative feelings. The ability to figure people out is a strong advantage of EI.

Emotional Intelligence: Is it more important than IQ: Happiness

Higher IQ Can Mean Happiness

Multiple studies have shown a link between high IQ and happiness. Especially when lower IQ is linked to poverty. Without answering the question of whether low IQ leads to poverty or the reverse, those with higher IQ tend to be happier. 

Higher EI Leads to Happiness

Higher EI is linked to having good relationships, which is linked to happiness. People with higher EI also tend to use strategies to increase their own happiness, and the happiness of those around them, as well as decreasing negative emotions in both themselves and others.

Emotional Intelligence: Is it more important than IQ: Limits

Your IQ is Limited, Your EI is Not

Although you can train and study to increase your IQ to an extent, every individual has an upper limit to what they can obtain in an IQ score. However, growth and development in EI is not limited, nor does it require intensive training. Every individual can grow their EI, create friendships, understand people, and increase their happiness. This article, 5 1/2 Tips For Developing Emotional Intelligence give you some easy ways to increase your Emotional Intelligence.

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