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LMU Research of CTC-IEC Program Effectiveness Shows 95.7% Reduction in Recidivism Rate

Los Angeles, CA January 16, 2014

The results published today by Cheryl Grills and colleagues at Loyola Marymount University of a study conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the Choice Theory Connections – Internal Empowerment Coaching Certification program showed a 95.7% reduction in the recidivism rate of California Female inmates.

The study examined five years of peer reviewed, evidence-based research and analysis of the assessment data. In 2014, 175 students completed a series of assessments before participating in the introductory phase of the Choice Theory Connections – Internal Empowerment Coaching Certification program. The assessments provide evidence of quantitative and qualitative improvements in self-esteem, goal-directed thinking, self-satisfaction, and behavioral changes.

The study shows the following results:

  • A 2.9% recidivism rate compared to an average of 67% in California during the same time period
  • An estimated cost savings to date of $5,773,228 to the California Institution for Women (CIW) and the State of California.

In addition to the above, the same 175 students positively impacted their family members or caretakers by:

  • Exhibiting effective and responsible lifestyles
  • Teaching fellow–incarcerated persons our principles and practices
  • Breaking generational pathways to California prisons

The study was conducted by Grills, C.; Villanueva, S.; Anderson, M.; Corsbie-Massey, C.L.; Smith, B.; Johnson (now Triché), L.; and Owens. It was published in the International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, under the title “Effectiveness of Choice Theory Connections A Cross-Sectional and Comparative Analysis of California Female Inmates.” The full study can be viewed at:


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