Internal Empowerment Services

Internal Empowerment leverages the evidence-based Reality Therapy and Choice Theory® concepts developed by the renowned psychiatrist, William Glasser into practical applications that improve the relationships between people, teams and organizations.


Our purpose is to focus and equip BIOs to recalibrate and then operate at optimum levels. This approach combines Internal Empowerment, Psychology, and life experiences to eliminate addictive distractions that can become habits that interfere with purpose and efficiency.

We use proven principles and strategies to help you learn about your priorities and establish clear direction and concrete steps towards short and long-term goals.

Utilizing our services allows you to access:
  • Human Resource Services
  • Organizational Development
  • Leadership Vision Strategies
  • Executive and Staff Recruitment, Selection and Hiring
  • Policy and procedures design, implementation, and monitoring
  • Administrative and legal compliance audits
  • Professional development, training, and Mentoring in:
    • Labor/EEO, ADA, sexual harassment, and risk management
    • Racial, ethnic, generational diversity, and human awareness
    • Board members and Administration's Fiduciary Duties and Responsibilities
    • Reality Therapy, Choice Theory and Lead Management: Team-building Coaching
    • Other activities as determined by CEO, governing boards, and business owners

Our President and Executive Vice President have 50+ years providing the above services to public, private, and governmental organizations from gang infected areas to corporate boardrooms worldwide.

Services range in price depending on the needs, size, and specialized services requested.

Are you ready to take action for your Business, Individual, and Organizations’ development? We look forward to connecting with you at, or contact RoxAnne at (909) 227-8152.