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February 7, 2018
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Steps to Success for New Managers

Congratulations! You have received a promotion to a management role after working hard for advancement! Now what? Maybe you have no management training. Maybe the role is not what you thought it was. Wherever you are, you can learn to succeed as a manager.

Steps to Success for Managers #1: Trust Yourself

Your role as a manager involves producing results through the work of those you are responsible. It is a great opportunity to use your talents and training to influence the workplace. But if you look too your position in management to provide you with validation and encouragement, you may lose sight of the job expectations and become disappointed.

In order to walk the steps to success, believe you are deserving of the position and trust that you bring excellence to your job. This does not mean you blindly assume you are the best manager that has ever been. It does mean you are aware of the things you excel in, and you are positively reinforcing your own work and position rather than looking for praise externally. Trust yourself, and track your own success and growth rather than waiting for someone else to validate you.

Steps to Success for Managers #2: Communication is Key

The best of intentions can lead to failure when good communication is missing. In your steps to success as a manager, learn to communicate successfully. Effective communication involves giving clear messages and taking the time to listen to feedback and questions.

Be sure you know what you want to communicate before you begin speaking. If you need your team to increase the pace for a deadline, do not waste time talking about how a previous deadline was missed, or talking about other concerns. Let them know what is needed in clear terms, and then let them get to work.

Always listen with an open mind. You never know when you will hear something that becomes immensely helpful to you as a manager. Pay close attention when someone is talking to you. Only interrupt when their information is unhelpful (such as gossip about another worker). Do so respectfully and then redirect them to the information that relates to your responsibilities as a manager.

Steps to Success for Managers #3: Effective Delegating

Resist the temptation to do work that your employees/team should be doing. As a manager, your role is to find the best person for each task—then let them do their job. If you are unsure who is best suited for a task, ask. Learning what people are good at is an important step to success for managers. Employees appreciate when they are recognized for their skills and are given the freedom to do their job without a manager trying to take over.

Steps to Success for Managers #4: Accept Responsibility

Ineffective managers are often noticed by their willingness to play the ‘blame game’. They deflect responsibility for problems and fail to address reasons for failure. Accepting responsibility for problems and victories is an important step to success for managers. When someone makes a mistake, it should be identified, along with a solution to prevent repeating the mistake. If you made the mistake, take responsibility. Employees respect an honest and fair manager.

Be sure to direct responsibility for success, too. Recognize when your team and employees are doing things right. Let them know that they are helping the organization and their co-workers.

Steps to Success for Managers #5: Develop Relationships

Employees value relationships. That does not mean you need to try and be best friends with everyone. It does mean you will be a more successful manager if you get to know your employees. Learn their names, their roles, and the tasks they excel at. Listen to their concerns. Let them know they are important as people and employees.

When employees feel connected to their manager they are more productive, more dedicated to the organization, and less likely to take time away for sick days. Developing appropriate relationships within the workplace is an excellent step to success for managers.

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