Success Stories

Success Stories

Read the personal stories of the experience of students who have completed the training and the results they have achieved.

I would like to share my story of how I got to this moment, appearing before you today in a cap and gown. I made bad, ineffective choices, which lead me to prison. I had dreams and goals like everyone else. My dream was to become a CPA. I made it through my associate degree program; but my perceptual world was a picture of fast money, which lead me to a life of crime, and self-contamination, and a seven-year sentence.

When I was ten years old, I allowed one of my life’s situations to control who I was.  For five years, I mastered prison life. I became lost in an environment that was very negative! I was the same or worse than when I entered the prison walls.  I was blameless, bitter and angry towards others, and never took responsibility for my negative actions.

I heard about a class called Internal Empowerment, so I enrolled in it, and it changed my life.  My first class was Reality Therapy Choice Theory Overview. I took notice of the instructors, Les and RoxAnne Triché, they would become my mentor. I saw these were no ordinary teachers. They care about improving the lives of others, believing good is in everyone, they truly desire to “teach Choice Theory to the world,” including those, society conveniently forgot.

I also looked at my peers who all shared in past negative behavior. A process took place, learning began, a community formed, and a cycle was broken. We began to change our behavioral patterns. We started to take charge of our lives again! It’s funny how we have a new language, we talked about the five basic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun. These words have great meaning, to enable one to become happy.

We learned the WDEP format: What do I want? What am I doing to get what I want? Evaluating my efforts to get what I want. And finally, we plan our vision. Today, I am an effective and responsible person. I make good, positive choices. I use tools and skills I learned from IE. I teach others how to meet their five basic needs. I am a listener so that I may provide knowledge when and where needed. I have finally taken charge of my life, once again.

I would like everyone to know when I graduated it was a day of growth, a day of knowledge, a day of love. For everyone to accomplish their journey, we should love ourselves enough to take charge of our lives again.

If anyone has received or taken any information that is meaningful to them, I ask you, please pay it forward, so we can say we are making a difference in the generations to come. I would like to thank Les and RoxAnne Triché for the teaching, mentoring, and time they invested into all of us.


May 31, 2017
Over the past seven years, I have experienced a number of life changing events both on a personal and professional level. During these times, I found myself challenged and needing an understanding as to which direction I should follow. It is during those times I relied on RoxAnne Triché’s coaching to bring clarity to those situations and help guide me in the right direction.
Through our sessions and training in Internal Empowerment, I found the courage and strength to make well-informed decisions and the commitment to see them through. I am truly amazed that these models apply to all aspect of your life.
For instance, in my working life, when dealing with employees, customers, management, etc. I know I cannot control anyone else’s behavior. I can, however, fashion my management style to encourage and promote encouraging constructive communication, which ultimately increases morale and, of course, improve productivity and customer relations.
Also, these practices have helped me to make informed decisions when dealing with my family and friends. One of my favorite models is “loving someone from across the street.” This has given me the courage to know when I am dealing with people who are standing in the way of me achieving what I want; simply put, distancing myself from “toxic relationships.”
What I learned helps keep me grounded and on the right path. I consciously evaluate how I make decisions and what the potential outcome could be. On an internal level, I am more confident in how I make decisions on a professional and personal level.
I want to thank RoxAnne and Internal Empowerment for the encouragement, confidence, and guidance to always take a look within myself to live a life with healthy and fruitful relationships.
In closing, I would like to encourage others to contact Internal Empowerment for a life changing experience.

Michael Putney
Operations Manager, Complete Home Services | Aliso Viejo, California

As a leader in corporate America for 19 years in the healthcare customer service industry, I have found the use of personal empowerment through IEC highly beneficial, both personally and professionally.
Actively employing the tools I’ve learned has enabled me to enhance my behavior, choices, and trust in interacting with difficult personalities and cultures within my diverse work environment.
This is significant because I have had the privilege to receive corporate, private university, and ministerial training from some of the most highly esteemed and effective organizations. However, I have gained skills and perspectives from IEC that are far more valuable and practical than anything I’ve been taught elsewhere.
Using IEC’s techniques enabled me to be a better manager. I have seen a significant improvement in the productivity of my direct reports, impacting profitability and positively enhancing the work environment.
Specifically, my direct reports have become better communicators, producers, team players, and committed persons to our organization. This is a direct result of the personal training and 1-to-1 coaching I received from Dr. and Mrs. Triché and their organizational staff. I highly recommend IEC to any organization or individuals that seek to improve efficacy, increased productivity,s and goal attainment within their organization.

Licole Brown
CS Lead, Abbott Medical Optics Student

Dear Mr. Les Triché,

Nearly 3 years ago, I participated in a group that you hosted and taught, and I can honestly say that learning about my own beliefs and others’ beliefs in Choice Theory Connections–Internal Empowerment Coaching (CT-IEC) changed my life. I wanted to thank you for this change, for the opportunity to learn, and for all that your method and style of sharing and teaching helped shape me for my future.

I was on the waiting list to attend theses classes for quite some time. I heard how this changed many women’s perspectives, and I watched those that seemed irrational bloom.

CT-IEC has changed how I think, it has changed how I look at others, and it gave me the will power to stand for my heart. CT-IEC was the class that I felt inspired to go to, excited to learn about, and give up a Saturday morning run. I have wanted to share this with you, but have known that while on parole I should not take this step. I have been off parole for 90-days, and now I know that it is time to share.

Today I own the largest dog operation in my county. This is the county that I grew up in, that I was arrested in, that I was afraid to return to upon my release (until I took CT-IEC). My business employs two other full-time staff, and three part-time staff, in addition to myself.

Today I go to see my Financial Advisor in regards to my corporation, quarterly taxes are due in a few weeks. Yes, in just a few short years, I became a corporate owner, of a 5-star business. It started as a hobby, and now we are spreading like wildflower down Hwy 80. Because of this growth, and what our numbers are saying, I write to you this:

My business generates a daily income of nearly $900.00. Yes, that number is an average. I have an amazing salary, my own medical insurance, and I am paying taxes that help programs like CT-IEC exist for those where I have been. Within two years, my business will be a million-dollar corporation. When that happens, I will be employing felons and really figuring out how to make small homes and get some non-profit for those released from prison to get involved.

I train dogs. I get bitten weekly. I share where I have been with anyone. I have recovered. I am honest. I live my life by Choice.

You may look us up, and You may reach me at the above information.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Lauren Claire Hayes

Lauren Claire Hayes
IEC Student

Before I came to this class I was doing well but, now I’m doing better, I learned to listen and understand other people, knowing everyone sees things differently. Knowing that I can’t control anyone but myself.

Before this course, I was a person that pursued happiness, self-discipline, and possessed short-term goals around business endeavors, community activism, and educational and social development. As a unique individual, my goals were not confined, per se, to the norm or upon a regular concept or expectation.

After IE, I’m pretty much the same person. The difference is, IE enabled me to look deeper into myself,  I felt and believed I knew to a reasonable extent, I know what I want and the approach in order to get it done. IE’s principles helped me examine their teaching principles repeatedly. As such, I form “new” ideas that aid me into becoming better within myself, and even more so, enthused and dedicated.

My plan continues. However, since taking IE, I focus more on the “systematic process” of reaching my goals with the least amount of problems or resistance.  I play a key role in being my own obstacle to getting what I want and need.  I held onto old ways and habit patterns that keep me in an ineffective and irrespective loop. Focusing on mechanism and behavior patterns; making necessary adjustments; focusing on my Personal Board of Directors, and resources. This is how I plan to use IE to coach myself and others.

IEC Student

Corporate environments often are challenged with customer service obstacles, accounts receivable issues, and language translation complications. Therefore, I have used principles and practices of IEC to address these matters with ease.
In my position as Accounts Receivable/Credit Representative, I am fortunate to have learned to incorporate teachings of IEC as part of my daily activities to address corporate challenges. Facilitators of this organization taught me patience, self-reflection, and to remain focused on my corporate’s goals. I did this by realizing ‘the only behavior that I can control is my behavior.
Second, I look at my behavior as a means of addressing these stated challenges.
Third, I offer choices to customers that lead to effective communication and improved client relationships.
My personal efforts of stepping back and assessing situations from clients’ perspective, yielded enhanced relationships, improved communications, and enabled me to see solutions to obstacles from corporate and customers’ perspectives. Furthermore, using IEC’s principles enable me to tackle problems head on, with a clear and level head.
Finally, these principles enable me to take what I already know and blend teachings of IEC to strengthen and improve my ability to handle these difficult tasks. I feel comfortable knowing that I can put difficult situations on the table, sort through them, and determine best practices for problem-solving.
IEC’s training has made me a better person, in the long run: knowing I can respond to any situation with a positive and productive attitude, and solve any problem with confidence, knowing that I can use IEC’s principals and the personal mentoring of Dr. Les and RoxAnne Triché.”

Audra A. Cole
Accounts Receivable/Credit Representative, Motion Solutions

As an education and business consultant, I work with individuals to discover their calling and unique design for greater satisfaction and success in life. I work with businesses prior and during the hiring process to confirm that any potential candidate is “just the right fit” for the company, preventing wasted time, money, and effort on hiring the wrong person. I also consult with businesses to resolve problems and dissatisfaction in the workplace on the employee or managerial end for greater productivity, satisfaction, and harmony in the workplace. Most issues are related to people not being designed for the position they are in. Through assessments and interviews, I am able to discover how to adapt positions and the workplace so everyone is working at their maximum effectiveness.

IE has been a tool that I recently added to my process which has allowed me to not only go deeper into understanding what a company and employee need, but it has especially allowed me to empower them with the ability to control their ultimate satisfaction in life and in the workplace through learning how to apply the IE process to their life. It gives everyone freedom from the need to control others and power to change themselves. I teach it to them for the workplace, but IE is beneficial in every area of life. It makes every relationship easier.

Anne Marie Lockmyer
Grief Counsellor, Comfort for the Healing

While attending several Internal Empowerment Coaching (IEC) seminars and lectures sponsored by Dr. Les Triché and his wife RoxAnne Triché, I found it a very rewarding exchange of self-motivational skills designed to empower one’s self-awareness, achieving one’s career goals, and dealing with everyday situations that would normally challenge one’s aspirations. I can’t express the boundless rewards I have gained while implementing these teachings into my everyday life, while being acting Security Director for Active Security Solutions.
Dr. Les and RoxAnne Triché’s teaching has also gained me a spiritual awakening in my life. As a flawed race, pushing past these imperfections, treating ourselves and others with love, respect, and the Triché’s teaching, we can strive for perfection.

Everett King Cole
Security Director, Active Security Solutions

One of life’s lessons is learning about ourselves. IEC helps individuals gain the skills, knowledge, abilities, and character that come with in-depth internal exploration. This allows us to develop empowerment strategies to overcome personal challenges in our everyday lives. Speaking from experience, life is one hell of a funny teacher.
I have made choices in the past that were not responsible, whether I felt I had something to prove, or lacked confidence, the choices I made moved me further from my goals. In school, we used calculators or note cards to help on tests. Well, IEC is what I use to help me in life.
The IEC program is a series of courses designed to empower individuals to make effective and responsible choices by using cognitive behavioral studies, or what we know as internal psychology.

Jamie Gutierrez
Lead Supervisor, Walmart

In this class, I learned how to better relate to people, recognizing everyone sees things differently. I understand it’s important to stop and think before I do or say anything that can cause problems. I have learned how to make the plan I need to get what I really want, and learned the decisions I make should be responsible to get good results. It makes me understand that my old behavior brought me problems. I needed to change bad behaviors to gain more effective control of my own life. And I will use the How the Brain Works chart to constantly check myself.

IEC Student

When I started this program, the Triché’s said I was going to be taking a good look at myself, at my life. With self-assessment, I realized I was neck deep in piles and piles of junk that I didn’t need and that had kept me stuck. But, I also realized somewhere in those piles were my hopes and dreams.

The things I cared about most, like motherhood, my creativity, and a better life, were all ahead of me; but, first, I had to clear out some of the people that were part of the clutter and negativity (My Board of Directors). The more I removed, the clearer it became what was truly important to me. I learned that my choice of doing drugs was only my best (ineffective) attempt at being in control, but it was shortcutting all my five basic needs.

Now, I wake up every day, my days are productive, and everything goes my way. I now meet my needs with behaviors that are healthy and responsible, and in doing so, I get the desired results and I am happy.

IEC Student

Before this course, I completed a lot of self-help and improvement courses. I had a lot of knowledge and information relating to my self-betterment, but I did not have the tools, technique, and teachings to use that information to better my life or my relationships.

IEC not only provided me with knowledge and information, it taught me new ways to achieve effective and responsible results; change from external control to internal control (and its benefits); difference between the seven deadly and caring habits, and how they relate to external and internal control, and their effects; and “How the Brain Works” (how we make decisions). This provided me with valuable knowledge and corrective knowledge.

I could go on and on about our five basic needs, our quality worlds, our pictures, and the other teachings of IEC. All and all, Choice Theory psychology and Internal Empowerment Coaching principles and practices have given me all that is required to internally motivate me to satisfy my five basic needs and live a fulfilled and happy life, without destroying relationships that I value.

My current plan is to obtain my certification as a substance abuse counselor and recovery coach. I am truly interested in using IEC to counsel my clients to a successful recovery and give them the tools needed to improve their relationships, and create a life for themselves.

And lastly, I want to enrich the lives of my wife, family, friends, and other valuable relationships in my life, by teaching and coaching them in Choice Theory psychology and Internal Empowerment Coaching.

IEC Student

Before this course, I had already made major changes in my life. I began to follow Christ, and the Holy Spirit began to make changes in me. Although, I had already made major changes in my life, I still had other changes to make. I found IEC very insightful. It was interesting to have a map to how the brain works, as a tool I can use to continue to grow.

I enjoy the non-judgmental approach that IEC provides. If anyone judges, it’s us judging ourselves. But there’s good news, we can choose to change ourselves and become someone we would like to become.

Everyone thinks they are normal. I always say that there is no such thing as normal. The popular opinion is what defines normal. That’s what’s great about the quality world. We decide what we want, what makes us happy. After we know what we want, we can evaluate what we have, compared to what we want. It is up to us to make the changes needed to reach our goal. The map of the brain brings all of that into perspective, letting us know we have choices.

IEC plays a part in my plan, to help people. This course has given me the tools I need to be successful in that. Some people need a road map of their brain to make changes. As I mentioned earlier, a person won’t change until he sees in himself the things he needs to change. My goal is to take what I’ve learned and pass it on to others as best I can.

IEC Student

I was a person looking for help in finding ways to change how I was. At the time, I was not happy with the way my life is or was. Being in this class has guided me in understanding all the different things that take place in my brain which caused me to act and behave the way that I did.

Having this information has allowed me to put together a plan that is consistent with Choice Theory-Internal Empowerment Coaching. First, I wanted to work on my happiness, by starting to change the way I used to think and behave, which has been the cause of most of my unhappiness.

My quality world picture consists of being surrounded by people who want me to change and are willing to help me. I want to change my idea of what is fun. I used to have fun at others’ expense, that fun was only temporary and always followed by consequences.

I used to believe freedom meant doing what the hell I wanted. But now, looking back closely at my supposed freedom, I realized that most things I was doing were not things I wanted to do.

The power that I gained was only reached by draining me of any power I had for myself, for my growth. This power turned out to be a fleeting illusion, to be pursued, but never obtained.

IEC Student

Who I was before IEC? I was the same man apart from the knowledge acquired from Internal Empowerment Coaching. I was a man who lacked the ability to use my brain per IEC’s teachings. For instance, I knew absolutely nothing about P7 Formula: pursuing, preparing, planning, planting, protecting, pruning, and practicing IEC’s principles. This formula helped me address a situation that was difficult for me to fully grasp. I was frustrated, and I called upon the P7 Formula to assist me. Restoring relationships with my family was almost instantaneous.

Who am I now? I’m a well-informed man, not yet in total control, but gaining ground. Understanding the formula is simple if you are serious about doing well in your life. Restoring my sanity is a must, so I’ve restored that by not doing the same old insane things again and again.

I now know how to get what I want and what I need. Restoring my sanity is a slow process and it has cost me a few things, but the hard work is rewarding. So, reframing those parts of my life to get what I want works just fine for me. My current plan is to become a business owner and to be successful.

Now, how I plan to use IEC’s methods, to gain effective control, utilizing the principles to coach myself when I feel as though I’m losing control. I will reflect on what I’m doing right and wrong. There’s more to learn so I must evolve a little more.

IEC Student

I must admit when I first started the IEC program, I was not too thrilled with whom I was. I was very stubborn, hard headed, frustrated, lost and confused with damn near everything! I’m speaking from the heart. I must keep it 100%.

First, I must be honest with myself, to be honest with everyone else! So, in describing my plan, it consists of keeping in touch with the entertainment, movie, and commercial industries.

I plan on using the information I learned from IEC. Patience is the key to taking my knowledge to the next level. I’ll be able to pursue my method of attaining what’s needed to be successful. That’s why I’ll need to use my Personal Board of Directors to help guide me in making effective and responsible choices “at that present time.”

The reason I stated “at that present time” is because plans may need to be adjusted! I’ll need the best laid out plans to be effective and responsible. Another key component, is deciding whom and how to love those that I allow to hold me back that can be instrumental in helping me go back to a place I need not be.

I can honestly say I trust myself to making those decisions, day in and day out! So, by me starting to go forward, the plan I’m trying to create will slowly come together. This will help form my real quality world, which consists of my family and I, and loved ones by my side to help me realize the success I so need and want. To be content with myself, I say to myself, “I feel that I’m starting to make me happy with whom I am.” That’s the start of giving back to whom I so love and need, to make up for the years I stole from her happiness!

IEC Student

I used to criticize, blame, complain, nag, threaten, punish, and reward to control. Now, I’m supporting, respecting, and negotiating differences. Glasser’s Five Basic Needs have given me a new perspective from another’s viewpoint and just how important the needs are to having a better life. As a realist, I’m always open and receptive to new information. More importantly, what I learned and am taking from IEC is the courage to be my own life-coach; to take charge of my life, a virtuous life.

IEC Student