Audra A. Cole
October 19, 2017
Lauren Claire Hayes
October 19, 2017


Before I came to this class I was doing well but, now I’m doing better, I learned to listen and understand other people, knowing everyone sees things differently. Knowing that I can’t control anyone but myself.

Before this course, I was a person that pursued happiness, self-discipline, and possessed short-term goals around business endeavors, community activism, and educational and social development. As a unique individual, my goals were not confined, per se, to the norm or upon a regular concept or expectation.

After IE, I’m pretty much the same person. The difference is, IE enabled me to look deeper into myself,  I felt and believed I knew to a reasonable extent, I know what I want and the approach in order to get it done. IE’s principles helped me examine their teaching principles repeatedly. As such, I form “new” ideas that aid me into becoming better within myself, and even more so, enthused and dedicated.

My plan continues. However, since taking IE, I focus more on the “systematic process” of reaching my goals with the least amount of problems or resistance.  I play a key role in being my own obstacle to getting what I want and need.  I held onto old ways and habit patterns that keep me in an ineffective and irrespective loop. Focusing on mechanism and behavior patterns; making necessary adjustments; focusing on my Personal Board of Directors, and resources. This is how I plan to use IE to coach myself and others.


About our company

IECAST is a 501 (c)(3), Public Benefit, non-profit organization dedicated to perpetuating productive and mindful individuals, families, and organizations. We bring this vision into reality by developing diverse, internally empowered leaders who use the principles and practices of Choice Theory® as taught through the Internal Empowerment Coaching program. Our goal is to teach individuals, families, and organizations to reframe, reorganize, and reallocate resources to become effective coaches and leaders.