October 19, 2017
October 19, 2017


I was a person looking for help in finding ways to change how I was. At the time, I was not happy with the way my life is or was. Being in this class has guided me in understanding all the different things that take place in my brain which caused me to act and behave the way that I did.

Having this information has allowed me to put together a plan that is consistent with Choice Theory-Internal Empowerment Coaching. First, I wanted to work on my happiness, by starting to change the way I used to think and behave, which has been the cause of most of my unhappiness.

My quality world picture consists of being surrounded by people who want me to change and are willing to help me. I want to change my idea of what is fun. I used to have fun at others’ expense, that fun was only temporary and always followed by consequences.

I used to believe freedom meant doing what the hell I wanted. But now, looking back closely at my supposed freedom, I realized that most things I was doing were not things I wanted to do.

The power that I gained was only reached by draining me of any power I had for myself, for my growth. This power turned out to be a fleeting illusion, to be pursued, but never obtained.


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IECAST is a 501 (c)(3), Public Benefit, non-profit organization dedicated to perpetuating productive and mindful individuals, families, and organizations. We bring this vision into reality by developing diverse, internally empowered leaders who use the principles and practices of Choice Theory® as taught through the Internal Empowerment Coaching program. Our goal is to teach individuals, families, and organizations to reframe, reorganize, and reallocate resources to become effective coaches and leaders.