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December 10, 2017
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The 4 C’s of Leadership Abilities

Whether you are a manager, an employee, or a business owner, leadership abilities are a key to success and promotion. In every industry, individuals with leadership abilities are the most likely to find longevity and satisfaction as they go about their working day. Work on developing these 4 C’s of leadership abilities.


Communication is the most important skill toward having successful leadership abilities. If you cannot give and receive information effectively, the people around you will fail to view you as a leader. Good leaders have good communication skills.

Successful communicators understand how to share their message in a way that will be received and understood by the listener. Improve your communication abilities by focusing on the key message you are giving. Do not get caught up in smaller issues that may confuse the message.

Good communication also requires careful listening. When someone is speaking, give them your full attention, and work to understand what their message is. Doing this allows you to connect with what is most important to them. Once you have this message, you can tailor the way you communicate with them so they are most likely to accept the information you have.


Many employees spend more time with their co-workers and managers than they do with friends or families. When employees feel like they have meaningful connections at work, they are more committed to their job and provide quality work. The ability to connect with others and connect people with each other in the workplace is an important leadership ability.

Establishing sincere connections starts (again) with good communication and careful listening. Leaders know who they are working with. They take the time to learn people’s names, understand their work duties and know what they excel at. Creating connections emphasises the value of each employee and establishes loyalty.

Connecting also involves matching each employee with roles that will help them thrive and grow. As you learn more about the people around you, you will identify skills that are beneficial in various roles. Use your leadership position to connect people with the right tasks and roles.


Great leaders value coaching in the workplace. Coaching is the process of sharing information and skills in a way that helps people learn new skills, and improve the skills they already have. Coaching is supportive, encouraging, and beneficial.

Leaders do not need to personally excel at coaching—although many possess this leadership ability. If a leader is not a great coach (or does not have the opportunity for individual coaching), they know who the great coaches are in their organization, and they empower these people to coach others. The important skill is connecting those who coach with those who will benefit from coaching. Leaders are also open to coaching themselves, and take an open-minded approach to learning new skills, and professional growth and development.


Confidence is another important leadership ability. Leaders who are confident take full responsibility for their choices, words, and actions. They do not blame others for their mistakes, and they do not need others to make them feel like they are doing a good job.

Confidence develops through internal empowerment. It starts with the understanding that each individual has the ability to choose what they think, do and say. It leads to a confident approach to work, relationships, and challenges. Leaders who are confident receive criticism without feeling threatened. They excel at creating effective plans to reach goals in their professional and personal life.

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