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April 10, 2018
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April 27, 2018

Managers have a great deal of influence on the mood and motivation of their employees. They can bring an entire team up, or become a roadblock to success. A manager’s positive leadership style and outlook will set up their team to do great things! Here are some effective ways leadership leads to a highly motivated team:

Leadership and Motivation Needs Good Communication

Communication is the most important skill to develop as a leader. Part of good communication is taking the time to provide clear information that employees can rely on to be factual and complete. Another part of good communication is how a manager gives this information. Employees can pick up subtle nuances and attitudes that a manager may not intend to transmit. As a manager, you can take the time to align your thoughts and feelings with your message before speaking. This helps to provide authentic communication that employees can rely on.

The other part of communication is listening. Good managers listen carefully to what employees are saying. They give the speaker their full attention, and ask questions to ensure they understand what is being said. When managers use good communication skills, employees feel valued and view their workplace as meaningful. They become motivated to work to meet the organization’s goals and take pride in the successes of their team.

Leadership and Motivation Requires Shared Goals

Most employees want to come to work for more than a paycheck. They want purpose and meaning attached to their work. The more they feel they are working towards something tangible and meaningful, the greater their motivation.

Managers can give their employees a vision of what they are working towards and why it matters. Share the company’s goals and show them how their work is an important part of these goals.

Leadership and Motivation Are Founded On Relationship

Gone are the days where impartial and distant managers were an accepted part of the workday. Employees need to feel valued as individuals to their managers and employers.

When managers invest in relationships with employees by learning about who they are, what they are good at, and what their goals are, employees become engaged in their work, and motivation increases. Managers who form sincere relationships with their employees also develop loyalty in their teams which benefits the entire organization.

Leadership and Motivation Are Forged Through Connection

Managers who develop relationships can give employees tasks that connect with their skills and interests. They can provide development opportunities for employees keen to progress in their career, and specific tasks for employees passionate in an area. These meaningful connections become a strong source of motivation for employees.

It is also motivating for employees to connect their work with the bigger picture. Whenever possible, give them face-to-face meetings with people they are helping. Numerous studies show that this connection creates significant increases in motivation and productivity.

Managers are uniquely poised to use their leadership position to increase motivation within their teams. Learn good communication skills, share company goals with individual employees, develop sincere relationships, and make connections with employees, and you will directly influence motivation with employees.

Take advantage of opportunities to develop your leadership skills and make a difference to your employees and your workplace. We offer Internal Empowerment training and provide managers with proven strategies to improve communication skills, create and meet goals, improve relationships, and make meaningful connections in their professional and personal life. Contact us today to learn more. We are looking forward to connecting with you!

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