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April 3, 2018
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April 14, 2018

Follow These Tips to Improve Employee Morale

High employee morale is linked to workplace productivity and employee retention. It is something managers value, but it is not always clear how to keep employee morale high or improve low morale. The following tips can be applied to your workplace to improve and keep morale high:

Employee Morale Tip #1: Say Thank You

Thank employees for their work and acknowledge their efforts and achievements. Look for creative ways to share employee’s successes and be sure to consistently use them. Saying thank you shows that you are paying attention to your employees, and their efforts are appreciated. This goes a long way towards improving and maintaining employee morale. Of course, tangible ways of saying thank you—such as bonuses and gifts—are also appreciated!

Employee Morale Tip #2: Make Work Meaningful

Give employees a connection between the work they are doing and the bigger picture. This includes company goals, other departments that rely on their results, and the people they are helping through their work. High employee morale is tied to meaningful work.

Employee Morale Tip #3: Listen

Employees are connected to the workplace in a different way than managers. They have insights, ideas, and even anecdotes that can give their employer a unique advantage. But many employees are never given the opportunity to share their perspective. When this happens, morale drops.

Listen to your employees and use the information they give you to improve the workplace. Make sure they understand that their voice is heard. This confirms their value to the organization. Higher morale follows managers who listen to their employees and use the information they receive.

Employee Morale Tip #4: Remember to Have Fun

Every workplace benefits from having a little fun! And employee morale improves when employees get the chance to do something fun. Fun can be learning something new together, having a competition that gets all employees participating, and providing days and weekends where fun is the focus.

Employee Morale Tip #5: Expand the Boundaries

Give employees a variety of ways to expand their boundaries. Include them in upper level meetings, give them access to training and development opportunities, have upper management regularly interact with employees at all levels, and encourage employees to pursue their interests.

Employee morale is an important part of productivity and retention, and it does not require complicated interventions for improvement. Thank your employees for the work they do, give them opportunities to find meaning in their work, and listen to what they have to say. Remember to make sure your employees have fun, and give them chances to expand their boundaries. The result will be a positive work environment with high employee morale.

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