Internal Empowerment Conducts First Internal Empowerment Coaching Graduation in El Centro, California
August 26, 2016

Internal Empowerment Launches New Internal Empowerment Web Site

Laguna Hills, CA, October 31, 2017

Internal Empowerment CEO, Les Triché, announced the launch, today, of a new Internal Empowerment web site dedicated to delivering internal empowerment training to corporate America and other individuals.

The web site is dedicated to promoting Internal Empowerment’s Internal Empowerment Program, a training program that teaches the practical application of Dr. William Glasser’s Choice Theory® and Reality Therapy principles and practices.

“The benefits to corporations of internal empowerment training include improved working relationships and communication, increased emotional intelligence of employees and leaders” said Mr. Triché. “Additionally,Internal Empowerment strategically addresses employee morale and excessive absenteeism, decreases productivity and other human relations behavior and performance challenges that negatively impact an employer’s ‘bottom line’.”

Mr. Triché went on to say, “Our program takes pride in working closely with management to tailor make strategic plans designed to address the needs of corporations to activate solutions that will improve employer-employee relations.“

The web site is located at

About Internal Empowerment

Internal Empowerment Coaching and Scripture Therapy (Internal Empowerment, Inc.) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, devoted to providing educational services based on Reality Therapy, Choice Theory, and Internal Empowerment principles and practices.


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