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August 29, 2017
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How Can Internal Empowerment Enable Communicating Effectively?

In theory, communication should be easy. Communication at its most basic is about sending and receiving words. But, communicating effectively is so much more than words. It is also feelings, innuendo, body language, and information. Improving communication skills can improve every aspect of your life. Can Internal Empowerment help?

Talking When Communicating Effectively

Talking does not always come easy. Sure, you can form words and sentences, but sharing what you mean with someone else can be difficult. Internal empowerment gives speakers a strong basis for communicating effectively. When you are living with internal empowerment, you know your own value; you know what you want, and you do not resort to manipulation or control as part of your communication strategy. Knowing what you want makes talking easier, and when manipulation is not a goal of talking, the true message is more effectively communicated. There are no misleading smoke and mirrors added to the message.

Internal empowerment teaches the caring habits of supporting, encouraging, listening, accepting, trusting, respecting, and negotiating differences. These caring habits all contribute to excellent communication. They form a basis where the speaker and the listener are both treated with respect and do not engage in criticizing, blaming, complaining, nagging, threatening, punishing, bribing, or rewarding to control.

Listening When Communicating Effectively

Internally empowered people feel comfortable receiving communication from others. They are not guarding themselves against negative messages because they are in control of themselves and their responses. This helps them listen carefully and without judgement. They are open to the message the other person is trying to convey, and they know they will not be damaged by the message. This also enables the listener to be unbiased, and the message has a better chance of being understood. This “receiving” part of communicating effectively is enhanced by internal empowerment.

Internally empowered people are also confident and secure in themselves. This helps them listen without interrupting. They do not try to prove or defend themselves out of insecurity. There are fewer disruptions in conversations and many more opportunities for understanding what the other person is saying.

Nonverbal Cues When Communicating Effectively

Internal empowerment comes from inside a person. This might seem obvious, but it is an important aspect. Being empowered is a source of internal strength and confidence. It does not rely on others to build up, encourage, or validate. An internally empowered person does not need another person to fix them. This causes them to send a far different message through nonverbal cues than someone ready to fight or flee based on what they hear.

This also helps the listener honestly evaluate information the other person is giving. They are able to notice nonverbal messages that might otherwise be missed. When a listener pays careful attention to what is being said non-verbally, communication is improved.

Internal empowerment allows for a relaxed, non-threatening, and effective approach to communication. Regardless of what the other person thinks or feels, they are positively impacted by communicating with someone who is not communicating with an unhealthy agenda. This information is reflected in many nonverbal cues that the other participant picks up on.

There are many aspects of life that get better with internal empowerment. Communication is one area where these improvements can change an entire life. Think of the benefits to personal relationships, business interactions, and even casual encounters when you are better able to communicate. To learn more about internal empowerment and communicating effectively, enroll in the Internal Empowerment Program. We are ready to help you communicate more effectively and create the life you want!

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