Everett King Cole
October 19, 2017
Audra A. Cole
October 19, 2017

Anne Marie Lockmyer

As an education and business consultant, I work with individuals to discover their calling and unique design for greater satisfaction and success in life. I work with businesses prior and during the hiring process to confirm that any potential candidate is “just the right fit” for the company, preventing wasted time, money, and effort on hiring the wrong person. I also consult with businesses to resolve problems and dissatisfaction in the workplace on the employee or managerial end for greater productivity, satisfaction, and harmony in the workplace. Most issues are related to people not being designed for the position they are in. Through assessments and interviews, I am able to discover how to adapt positions and the workplace so everyone is working at their maximum effectiveness.

IE has been a tool that I recently added to my process which has allowed me to not only go deeper into understanding what a company and employee need, but it has especially allowed me to empower them with the ability to control their ultimate satisfaction in life and in the workplace through learning how to apply the IE process to their life. It gives everyone freedom from the need to control others and power to change themselves. I teach it to them for the workplace, but IE is beneficial in every area of life. It makes every relationship easier.


About our company

IECAST is a 501 (c)(3), Public Benefit, non-profit organization dedicated to perpetuating productive and mindful individuals, families, and organizations. We bring this vision into reality by developing diverse, internally empowered leaders who use the principles and practices of Choice Theory® as taught through the Internal Empowerment Coaching program. Our goal is to teach individuals, families, and organizations to reframe, reorganize, and reallocate resources to become effective coaches and leaders.